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The VisioHOP bench allows volunteers to be placed in a reproducible manner at the different measuring times of the study and to automate the 3D measurements of the face or parts of the body on 360°.
Sitting (face mode) or standing (body mode), the volunteer is comfortably installed and remains stable during the measurement sequence thanks to our unique centering and holding concept.
Together with the AEVA software it ensures the vertical and angular movement of the 3D sensor AEVA-HE² or EvaBODY to the different positions required by the applications.
It is a unique, efficient and space-saving positioning system.



  • Products tests for cosmetic or dermatologic treatments
  • Medical monitoring (diet, pregnancy ...)
  • Research


  • Stable device
  • Reproducible measurements
  • Monitoring plate to realize body measurements
  • Can be adapted to different mesuring devices (AEVA-HE, DermaTOP-HE, cameras)
  • Easy settings

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Based on a patented fringe projection technique combined with stereometry, the AEVA-HE system offers high-resolution 3D scanning of the face and body. Thanks to its color camera you can recover the color texture that automatically overlays your measurement.