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The EvaTHERM system is a high-sensitivity infrared camera dedicated to the analysis of heat distributions and changes on the skin.

It makes it possible to evaluate the effects of cosmetic, aesthetic and dermatological products or  treatments by means of a multizone evaluation, by monitoring the evolution of temperature as a function of time on radiometric images or videos.

Compact, the EvaTHERM can be combined with our VisioTOP and VisioHOP positioning benches or mounted on a tripod.



  • Images or video mode
  • Automation of data processing
  • Multi-zones on face or any part of the body
  • Simple to connect USB ready
  • Can be driven by our AEVA-Software


  • High sensitivity system, robust and reproducticible
  • Most compact of its category
  • Simple to use, minimum setting and skill required
  • Good value price/performances

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Le VisioTOP-300 est lui destiné au système DermaTOP-HE, EvaSKIN-S5 et EvaFACE-S5 pour les mesures locales ou globales sur le visage celons le capteur.


The VisioTOP-500 is dedicated to the AEVA-HE sensor for local or global face measurements.