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High resolution 3D imaging


Active Stereometry

The state of the art combining fringes projection and stereovision, also called active stereometry, provides the largest field of view with the highest resolution. It offers pixel resolution in X, Y, high accuracy in Z, less sensitive to movement. Based on high quality and stability components, different fields of view are available by simply changing objectives sets to switch from small to large measurement areas ( from skin structure to body part).

Fringe Projection

Based on fringe projection and optical triangulation (Gray Code and Phase). this technique was introduced in the eighties to the industry. It was used for the first time in 1998 as a FOITS method (Fast Optical In vivo Technique for Skin) to measure skin in vivo as a reference method for skin research and claim support in product efficacy for anti-ageing and skin care product.

ICP Algorithm

ICP algorithms ( Iterative Coincident Point) where introduced in late eighties as well, providing a unique and performant technique to align 3D data from different views. Developped by a French and Canadian universities cooperation, this technique is widely used nowadays in the industry. Our software use a very powerfull version of this ICP algorithm which can very quickly and accuratly align 3D data having even small overlaping areas. This guaranty that the same zone will be extracted and analyzed from different time points