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DUB® SkinScanner 75 high resolution ultrasound systems enable non-invasive skin analysis with very high  subcutaneous image quality.
Various sensors from 22 MHz to 75 MHz associated with the software measure thicknesses, densities, dark band (SENEB) and visualize skin lesions.
This compact and portable system is intended for the measurement and inspection of the dermis and epidermis in cosmetic efficacy study, dermatology and medical diagnosis.



  • Test efficiency of treatment in the laser, cosmetic, dermatological cream...
  • Diagnose of damage on the skin caused by the sun exposure and cutaneous hurts caused by various clinical reasons
  • Patient monitoring (ageing of the skin, elasticity of the skin, the treatment of the skin, chrirugie, tumor)


  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive consumables (water or gel)