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Displacement sensors


Philtec’s fiber optic displacement sensors make it possible to measure the distance, displacement and vibrations of a target without contact. They are of type D (axis of movement parallel to the probe) or RC (rotation, or translation) and are available in analog or digital versions controlled by computer. These sensors operate in the near field and offer a large measurement dynamic from a few nanometers to several tens of millimeters up to 1.5 MHz sampling.






  • Space and aircaft (motors, turbines, flight tests...)
  • Wind turbines
  • Automotive
  • Medical, MRI etc.


  • Analog or Direct connection to computer
  • High resolution
  • Small dimensions sensor tips including special designs
  • Harsh environments :
  • Cryogenic temperature and up to 450°C, High pressure, Ultra vacuum,
  • High electomagnetic fileds

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Analog sensors D type

Analog sensors D type

The D type fiber optics displacement sensors are designed for single axis moving targets. They offer two measuring ranges.