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Biologic testing


The TAP (Transdermal Analysis Patch) use bio-markers which react with the skin proteins, to analyze skin condition as a non invasive method.

Collection TAP

Collection TAP is a patches wich is similar to TAP but collect all proteins at the same time. Only analysis select which markers whill be analyzed using Elisa test


Swap use a stamp which will be rubbed onto the skin to collect proteins and be analyzed using Elisa test



TAP Applications

analyze skin condition having irritation, inflamation and other conditions depending of the bio markers selected (limited to 4, 6 or 8). Very easy to use on any area of the face or body. Dedicated to skin decease, atopic skin or solar damage

CollectionTAP applications

Same than above but for more proteins present on healthy skin or atopic skin

SWAP applications

Same than Collection TAP