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Digital sensors DMS

The Philtec fiber optics displacement sensors allow non contact measurements of distance, displacement and vibrations of a target.

The digital sensors DMS are computer controlled. They are D type (target displacement parallel to the sensor tip) or RC type (rotating and translating targets).

A software to drive the instrument and the list of commands are provided for integration.





  • Space and aircaft (motors, turbines, flight tests...)
  • Wind turbines
  • Automotive
  • Medical, MRI etc.


  • Direct connection to computer
  • High resolution
  • Small dimensions sensor tips including special designs
  • Harsh environments :
  • Cryogénic temperature and up to 450°C, High pressure, Ultra vacuum,
  • High electomagnetic fileds

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Analog sensors D type

The D type fiber optics displacement sensors are designed for single axis moving targets. They offer two measuring ranges.

Analog sensors RC type

The RC type sensors are designed for rotating and translating targets